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Parti have unique props that have been designed with three main objectives: Visual Brilliance, Logistical Efficiency and Ease of Assembly.

Visual Brilliance

We know that when it comes to entertaining people that all the senses must be inspired

for an event to be memorable. At Parti Theme Events we focus on the visual stimuli.

We understand how easy it is for people to get sub consciously confused by

ambient messages and how this confusion can result in general sensory discomfort.

We have created a range of props that not only work together as a whole but

are also individual artefacts that can be enjoyed and appreciated for their own creative

brilliance. Each Prop has been lovingly manifested by its creator, using a wide range

of materials and technologies. 

Logistical Efficiency


We have made some major innovations in the past 10years as we strive to deliver more exciting,

unique and inspiring props to the entertainment industry. Over the last decade we have witnessed a

drastic decline in the really large events (1000+guets)  and proliferation of

small (Parties 50-100 guests) and Medium Size events (200-500 guests).

While the budgets were slashed the expectations of the general population increased.

Essentially the market demanded more for less and PARTI has met this challenge like no other.

By replacing all our One Piece Props with Component  Based  Props we have been able

to drastically reduce our warehousing and freight costs. In addition

to this we have also replaced our showrooms with the Internet .

These changes have resulted in the most cost effective Prop Hire range in the country,

accessible to all major Cities and Towns and suitable for amateur and professional event decorators.

Ease of Assembly

When designing our props we are also acutely aware that time is money.

All of our props resemble an IKEA furniture Kit and can usually be put together with Cable Ties and a Rubber Mallet. Each

prop comes with assembly instructions and

All our props are stand alone which means that the venue need not worry about damage to their infrastructure.


We offer two types of service: DIY HIRE and HIRE AND INSTALLATION. Professional Event Decorators (and handy amateurs)

are directed to the DIY HIRE Service and Event Managers and Co-ordinarors are directed to our HIRE AND INSTALLATION SERVICE


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