The DIY service is a great way to save money and utilise props in areas where decorators are hard to find.

Installing our props is not too difficult but it does required a practical mind set.

Please find below the important issues that require a little forethought and planning:


You will need a 1-Tonne flatbed (it must be accessible by forklift) Utility


You will need to check the address and the operation times of your nearest NQX/TOLL depot.

Please click on the following link for this information:

Ensure that you sign the visitors book at reception. 

Please ask to borrow a High Visibility Vest

You will need Rope or Straps to secure the Crate to the back of the Utility Tray.


You will need the following tools and materials:

 - Rubber or Wooden mallet

- Cable Ties (100 x 300mm x 4.8mm Black)

-  Black Gaff Tape (15mtrs)

 - Multi-coloured Electrical Tape and Cutters for cutting the cable ties.

-  Heavy Duty Scissors for cutting Cable Ties

- Ladder

4. Unpacking

Unless you have a forklift leave the Skid on the back of the Utility (if raining unpack under cover preferably…but props are water resistant*).

Step 1. You will need to remove the Pallet Wrap from the Skid.

Step 2. If raining unpack as quickly as possible and store undercover to reduce exposure to the rain.

Ensure all packing blankets are kept as dry as possible.

Step 3. Once fully unloaded leave the skid on the back of the Tray (Totally Water resistant)

Step 4. Then tie the Skid  to the Tray.

Note: You can remove the Skid from the tray if necessary...but remember unless you have a

forklift do not attempt to remove fully loaded skid by hand.

5. Installation

As per the Installation Instruction Provided

6. Pack-Down

Step 1. Disassemble the props in much the same manner as you assembled them.

Step 2. Tie all related Framing and components in bundles using the electrical tape: different colours for the different props. Please label.

Step 3. Pack the components onto the skid in sequence based on weight and prop preservation:

 i.e. Always put the base plates on first then the framing, then the Larger Props eg. 2400 x 1200 murals.

Step 4. Pallet/Plastic Wrap the Skid.

There are two basic objectives:

1.  The first objective is to wrap the props and equipment up tight so as to minimise movement during  in transit.

2. The second objective is to protect the props from the elements (mostly Wind/Dust and Rain) , so ensure that you fully cover the skid.

7. Return

Deliver the crate back to the nearest NQX/TOLL transport Depot no later than the closing times of the next day of operation:

(Check with your nearest NQX depot for opening hours).

Ensure that the Skid is properly labelled. These labels will have been included in your paperwork: they include:

1. Return Address and Top Load Only Signs

2. Consignment Note Number Stickers: one on each side


This service requires that you pay a $500 bond.

(The bond is required to be paid on Pick-up and will be returned once the Props have been returned and inspected).

This bond will be used as compensation for the following situations:

- Prop damage

(You will not be charged for minor scratches)

- Lost Equipment

(Check Inventory Sheets on arrival and Return)

- Late Return

(Ensure that the Props are packed and ready for pick-up on the agreed date)

- Extra Freight Costs

(Ensure that the crate is secure and accessible) 



Due to our National Operating Range we require a minimum order of $1500+gst.

Our Props are utilised by Event Managers, Event Decorators and Individuals all over Australia.

Depending where the Props were last used they may need to be freighted from any of our Capital cities.

We have therefore determined an average fee for freight which is far below the cost of warehousing and maintaining props

in each capital city which means you get  maximum value for money.

The Quid Pro Quo of this system requires you to order a minimum of $1500+gst and finalise your order

and payment 10days prior to the event date.


It is very important that you take good care of the props and ensure

that they are packed properly and in accordance with

the instructions provided.


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