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Event Theming Sydney - Fuji Xerox HQ - 2012

This 'Circus' theme Event was commissioned by Fuji Xerox Australia; part of a world leading enterprise for business and document management services.  This two day event included a Post Graduate Research Project Presentation Exhibition, Post Graduate Program  Graduation Celebration and the Annual Fuji Xerox Christmas Party. It was held at the Fuji Xerox Headquarters in Macquarie Park. Sydney. 


Thursday 11-3.00pm -  Post Graduate Research Project Presentation Exhibition

There were 12 interns that presented Research projects. each intern was allocated a prop that provided an exciting, unique platform for them to present their findings.


Thursday 6.00pm-10.00pm -  Post Graduate Program Graduation Celebration

The interns, Department heads and management team all attended a Circus Themed Cocktail party that evening where the Circus canopies were converted into Cocktail Bars and Buffet tables, search lights and music completed the ambient transformation.


Friday 5.00pm-10.00pm -  Fuji Xerox Christmas Party

As with the previous nights celebrations: the annual Fuji Xerox Circus Theme Christmas Party started with cocktails and canopies but was then extended to include a sumptuous 3 course sit down dinner. As with the previous nights festivities the Bar Canopies took on a functional as well as decorative roll being converted in Buffet bars and Cocktail bars. The dinning tables were dressed with black table cloth, Multicoloured Satin overlays and an assortment of vivid coloured and spotted Helium Balloon Clusters.


Margaret-Anne Gilbert (Event Coordinator) asked us to provide Event Design, Prop Hire and Installation.



As with all Event Design contracts, we conducted a site inspection to view the venue and discuss with the event manager the event objectives and restraints. We then took some photos and had them rendered into concept drawings which were then presented to the client. It is in these situations where large budgets and a multitude of stakeholders exist that this service is vital. By producing something that is visual we are able to build a continuity of direction and a consistency of expectations.



Our Circus props have been designed and inspired by the 18th Century Glory Days of the Big Top Circus : a time when the Circus was more important than Disneyland, when it surpassed all other entertainment venues in popularity. 


Circus Tent Entrance

The Circus Entrance creates the perfect first impression for any event. The vivid colours, the opulent draping, the professional yet 'Old style' lettering, Plush Red Carpet Runner and Gold Bollards all combine to create a classy, exciting and inspiring entry...sure to make all your guests feel special and important...a great way to start the day!! 


Hot Dog, Lemonade, Candy, Popcorn and Fairy Floss Bar Canopies

These Bar Canopies consist of French Striped Roofing Panels and Skirts, Sign-age and vivid multi-coloured chiffon draping.   These custom designed canopies are ideal for trestle tables both for Exhibition Stands and the more functional Food and beverage Bars.


Circus Photo Boards: Lion Tamer and Clowns on Bicycles

These fabulous artefacts from the Circus Glory Days provide an awesome way to remember the night and in addition they add colour,  interest and activity in what might be considered as lost or dull parts of the venue. In this instance they were also used as Exhibit Backdrops for two very excited and grateful interns.



Because this venue was being used during the day, we recommended that curtaining the walls was integral to achieving the transformation and getting the very best ambient result. In total: 15 x 3mtr [W]x 2.4mtr[H] Curtains were used to mask the bland interior. If the props were being used at night we could have achieved the same result just by illuminated the  key props...but because of daylight savings and the daytime exhibition using darkness to mask these wasn't possible.


Vertical Draping

Again because of the temporal proximity of the events we also decided that the draping would be best utlised in a vertical direction along the tops of the Black Curtains, again to ensure that these were focal points.



Thank you once again Margaret-Anne, as always a pleasure to work with a certainly made life easy for our Installation Team, by co-ordinating access to the building and for clear instruction with regard to expectations. Thank you!!


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